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Blow dryers have been a useful invention for anyone who is constantly on the go. With today's pace that includes the majority, so few homes are without these nifty hair dryers. In most cases when a blow dryer goes out it would leave people with no alternatives but to purchase a new one or be stuck with a bad hair day. But there are a few basic repairs and some preventative maintanence you can do to keep you blow dryer running in tip top shape.

Most blow dryers are pistol shaped units that consist of a handle, switches, a circular shaped housing that contains a fan and a barrel with a heating element inside. With these types of blow dryers the fan draws air in through a series of holes and passes it over the heating element then expelling it through the barrel. If the motor, heating element or switch has gone out in this type of blow dryer, it will have to be replaced. But if the problem is in the cord or plug you can usually fix it yourself.

Always begin by unplugging the blow dryer before you work on it. If the blow dryer has failed to work when plugged in to a functioning outlet you should begin by checking the power cord. You can do this by removing the screws holding the halves of the housing together to open the housing. If you have a problem finding the screws on your blow dryer you may need to peel away the labels to find them. Next you should slide the barrel off and part the housing halves with a screw driver. Using a continuity tester, check the power cord to see if it is defective. If it is you will need to install a new cord. To do this you will need to solder the bare ends to the switch mounting post. Make a note of how the cord is attached prior to removing it and be sure to replace it exactly as it was. A defective power cord is also the problem when your blow dryer only works when held in certain positions.

When the power cord test shows that the cord is all right you will need to check the intake grill or to see if the fan is clogged with hair. This will cause over heating of your blow dryer and it will automatically shut down. To do this you should open the housing and clean out any hair or debris. On a weekly basis you should check your blow dryer's intake filter for dust and debris. If the filter is clogged you can unplug the machine and clean it out with a pair of tweezers. When it is badly clogged, you will need to open the housing and remove the filter to clean it. When you notice that your blow dryer is running hot or the air circulation is impaired, it is usually because your air filter is clogged. While the blow dryer is unplugged, check the barrel for hairs that have gotten caught in the grill or heating element and remove them. Wipe down the outside of your blow dryer with a damp rag to clean away hair spray build up.