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There are many different types of bikes. The biggest sellers are all terrain bikes, followed by mountain bikes. With study frames, wider tires, straight handlebars and a wide padded seat, these bikes are comfortable for travel on rocky or smooth terrain. A traditional road bike is less comfortable on rough surfaces. It is made primarily for traveling on smoothly paved roads. Hybrid bikes combine the traits of both mountain and road bikes. They are made of lightweight material and are as durable and comfortable as a mountain bike. So how do you decide which bike is best for your needs. First decide where you will be riding the most. Second, find a bike that fits you perfectly.

How to find the Perfect Fit

1. Stand over a potential bike and check the distance between your crotch and the top tube. It should be about three inches on a mountain bike, two inches on a hybrid and one inch on a road bike.

2. Check the saddle height. Sit on the bike without shoes on. Your heel should rest on the pedal when your leg is extended. To raise or lower the seat, loosen seat post nuts or quick-release lever. Adjust seat making sure you don’t raise it about the 2 ½ inch safety mark.

3. Find the best saddle position. Sit on the bike with cranks horizontal. With the seat parallel to the ground create a line from your kneecap to the forward pedal axle. Loosen seat screw and adjust tilt to move seat forward or back. Retighten screw

4. Adjust handlebars. Top stem should be one to three inches below saddle. To adjust height, loosen stem expander with a wrench. Place wood block on bolt head and tap it with hammer until it is flush with stem. This loosens wedge inside stem so you can raise or lower the handlebars. Don’t forget to retighten the bolt.

With these ideas in mind, you should be able to take to the roads on a new bike. One that not only is fun and comfortable, but also fits you perfectly.