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Cutting List

Part Qty. Dimensions Material

Top rail 1 ¾ x 1½ x 24 inches Pine
Top 1 ¾ x 12 x 24 inches Pine
Side 2 ¾ x 12 x 17½ inches Pine
Front 1 ¾ x 7¼ x 24 inches Pine
Back 1 ¾ x 7½ x 22½ inches Pine
Bottom 1 ¾ x 11¼ x 22½ inches Plywood

1. Use a drinking glass to lay out the rounded corners of the seat top and cut off the waste. Sand the corner smooth.

2. To make the baseboard, cut-out in the sides, drill a ¾ hole 3/8 inch in from the back edge of each side piece and 2 5/8 inches up from the bottom. Draw a parallel line from the inside edge of the hole to the bottom, cut this off.

3. Drill counterbored pilot holes in the top rail, back, front, and side to prepare them for assembly.

4. Drill two ¾ inch vent holes in the back 2 inches from the top and each side edge.

5. Screw the sides onto the back so that they are flush at the top.

6. Position the bottom in place so that its lower edge butts up against the back and is exactly 7¼ inches from the top of the sides, then screw it in place.

7. Next, screw the front onto the sides so that it is flush at the front and ends.

8. Assemble the seat top and top rail together so they are flush at the ends, and screw the seat hinges in place.

9. Put the seat top assembly on the seat assembly and make sure the sides and back are flush before screwing the top rail into the back and side pieces.