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Beeswax candles have long since been a favorite gift to make and give, not to mention quick and easy. The items listed below can most generally be found in any craft department or craft store such as A. C. Moore or the Rag Shop.

To make Beeswax Guest Candles, you will need the following materials:

craft glue
23 sheets beeswax (makes 10-15 candles)
craft knife or rotary cutter
cutting board
candle wicking
scraps of beeswax
Embellishments of your choice (beads, buttons, glitter, small silk or dried flowers, bees, birds)

Cut sheets of beeswax into 2" x 8-1/2" or 3" x 8-1/2" pieces using craft knife or rotary cutter. Cut wicking 1" longer than the candle height. Place wicking along one 2" or 3" side and roll candle. Repeat until all candles are rolled.

Decorate candles as desired. Personally, I like to get smaller silk florals on wire stems and fashion them into a floral ring to be placed around the base of the candle. There were a few times I created candles for decorative use only (meaning they were not to be lit). They were candles for anniversaries and weddings to be used as decorations for tables. On these I used a selection of tulle, satin ribbons, silk florals and pealized beads.

This project is one that allows you to let your creativity flow freely. Be creative and let your imagination run wild!