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It is not necessary to give your baby a daily tub bath. Doing so will remove the natural oils that keep his skin from becoming dry. You should, however, wash his/her face, hands, and diaper area every day.

Rather than trying to handle a slippery, wiggling baby in an adult-size bathtub, a plastic baby bathtub should do the trick. Many of these tubs have a soft foam padding built in for the comfort of your baby. The padding also helps keep the baby from sliding down in the tub. These tubs are easy to clean and can be conveniently stored in a closet or under a bed when not in use.

There are a variety of soaps, lotions, shampoos, and creams available. Make sure that products you choose are tear-free and made expecially for babies. Adult formulated soaps and shampoos may be too harsh for your baby's delicate skin.

First of all, be sure you are bathing your baby in a room that is warm and free from drafts. Have all of the supplies at hand before undressing your baby or running the water. You should have 2 towels ready, 2 washcloths, tear-free shampoo, mild soap, powder, lotion, a clean diaper, and a clean outfit. Begin by filling the baby bath with warm water that is a comfortable temperature. You can check the temperature by running the water over your wrist. Undress your baby, and wrap him/her in a soft towel. Hold your baby in the football position under one arm while cradling his/her head in your hand. While positioning him/her over the tub, use the washcloth to wet his/her hair. After your baby's hair has been washed and rinsed, you may place him/her in the water. Never walk away from your baby. It only takes a few seconds for a tragedy to occur. A baby can drown in a very shallow amount of water. Place one of the washcloths over his/her chest and abdomen to help keep him/her warm during bathing. Be sure to wash under his/her chin and gently wash the creases of his/her neck. This is an area that is often missed. Work down from under his/her arms to the chest, hands, legs, and feet. Lastly, wash the diaper area, and thoroughly rinse all body parts.

After removing your baby from the water, thoroughly dry his/her face and work your way down. When you are finished drying your baby, keep him/her covered with the second towel, and apply any cream or powder you wish to use on the diaper area. Put a clean diaper on the baby. When using powder, sprinkle it into your hand before putting it on your baby. This is to prevent him/her from inhaling it. After dressing him/her, if necessary his/her nails may be trimmed.

Keeping your baby clean is an important part of maintaining your baby's health, and bathing him/her before nap time can also help tire out him/her. We all know how soothing and relaxing a warm bath can be.