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Let's face it, it is very easy to put on glue, but very difficult to remove it. So, it is important when you are applying glue to anything, to apply a moderate amount first. You can always add more, if needed. It is very difficult to remove glue, so make sure you are sure about your decision. Once you have glued the items together, it will take a few steps to remove them.
To Apply Glue
To apply glue, just follow the directions on the bottle. It should involve cleaning the wood or metal before applying it. Making sure it is dry, then applying a small amount of glue. Then, placing the items together until the glue is dry. It is fairly easy.
Removing Glue
Removing the glue, is not. In fact, sometimes it is impossible. But, here is a list of types of glues and how to try and remove them.
* Balsa Wood Glue
Try rubbing the glue with cold cream or vegetable oil. Then, try removing the glue from the piece of furniture. It is doesn't come up the first time, try again.
* Rubber Cement
Rubber cement can be removed the same way balsa wood glue can. Try the cold cream and vegetable oil.
* Other glues
The first thing to try with other glues is soap and water. Take a sponge, dip it in a pot with warm soapy water, and rub the sponge over the glued area. Repeat this several times until the glue comes up.
If the piece of furniture allows it, you can soak the area with glue in the soapy water. Keep in mind, this could damage the finish on the furniture. Make sure you are not working with a wood that absorbs water easily. If so, only sponge the area. Do not soak it in the water. If the wood does not absorb water easily, go ahead and soak it. If you have to, you could refinish that area of the wood.When the glue is off, make sure the area dries well before doing anything further with the furniture.