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In most room air conditioners, you can easily do preventive maintenance in just a few minutes. This will result in cleaner air and less repair bills.

Every two weeks you should remove and clean the air filter.
1- Turn master control to off.
2- Remove the air filter by grasping the top corners and pulling it up and out of the unit.
3- Wash in hot soapy water, rinse and shake dry.
4- Replace the filter, with the front of the filter toward you.
5- To dry the filter thoroughly, run the unit for a few minutes.

The next step may vary, but basically you will now be cleaning the inside portion that is accessible to you.
1-Turn the unit off and remove the plug from the outlet.
2- Remove the screws from the control panel area.
3- Place the tip of a thin blade screwdriver between the metal cabinet and any tabs on the left side of the decorative front, pulling the front slightly forward. Swing the left side of the decorative front away from the cabinet and unhook the tab on the right.
4- Remove and wash the decorative front panel as you did the air filter. Then very gently, using the soft brush attachment, vacuum exposed areas.
5- Replace the decorative front by hooking the plastic tab on the right side then swing the left side into position, then gently press into proper position.
6- Reattach the screw in the control panel area. Make sue the decorative front is secure before reconnecting and operating the unit.

Proper routine maintenance will will help extend the life of your unit, while ensuring cleaner air. It is still recommended to annually have your unit inspected, to clean the coils and condensate water passages. This is not a do-it-yourself project.