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Having a yard sale

Yard sales are an easy way to get rid of clutter around your house, making a little pocket money in the process. By devoting a few evenings a week to your project, you should be ready in no time. The first thing to do is decide what you want to get rid of. Clothes, old furnishings, games and baby equipment are all popular items. Once you decide which treasures to part with, it is time to decide on pricing. The important factor here is to realize that you will make your money on quantity, the cheaper your prices, the more you will sell. For small miscellaneous items, you may consider selling them as a group, cheap. Make sure that you have plenty of room to set up displays in your yard. Smaller items and clothes can be placed on a picnic table, while larger things like lawn tools can be set in the lawn. If you run out of table space, you can easily make do by lying plywood across saw horses, picnic benches, etc. If you will be selling any appliances, radios or televisions, run an extension cord from your house so that people can try them out before they buy, without going into your house.
The week before your yard sale, advertise in your local or free papers, each community usually has several. Give the date and time, but be warned that people will probably start arriving at least one half hour before your advertised time. The night before your sale you may want to post some signs with directions to your house, or tie some balloons to your mailbox. Make sure you have change ready, both bills and plenty of coins. The morning of your sale get up early and set up your displays, then relax and wait for your first customers. Once the early morning rush is over, you will have time for a cup of coffee, look around, how are sales? This may be the time to straighten things up and lower some prices. By late afternoon, you will be dealing with people who want to negotiate on prices. Generally, it is easier to cut your price than have to lug your merchandise back to the attic, but it's up to you. After your last shopper is gone, all that is left to do is clean up and count your money.