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Cans can serve as useful materials for recycling. To recycle cans, you need first to take off its lid in order to avoid injury. You then wash it and leave it to dry. Using your creativity, you can use paint in decorating it with faces. When you're done,you can use it as a pencil container or for holding staples, clips, etc.

Weeds, sawdusts, newspapers, twigs and leaves don't have to be thrown away. You can use these as a fertilizer with the process known as composting. First, you need to build a compost pile. You can do it by stacking different kinds of waste materials in a layer. Leave a space between the layers for the air to circulate. In order to produce heat, you have to add nitrogen using manures, meals or greenery. This allows the materials to rot and undesirable materials to be gotten rid of. Sprinkle it with water and after dampening, cover it. Leave it there for a couple of days while the heat and steam mix. The wastes then slowly decompose into a nutrient-rich material called compost.You can then use it in applying to plants as a fertilizer.