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It happens all over the World. A moving van, car or truck drives up to an empty house, parks and people begin to unload boxes, furniture and various odds and ends. It takes them a day or two to bring in all their belongings, but once the bed moves in, so do the people.

Then, of course,we begin to wonder, "Who are the New Occupants of the House?" Are they friendly or hermits? In any case, the best way to find out is to first Introduce yourself to them and then offer your hospitality. Your hospitality can be a simple "Hello!" and a handshake, an offer to help while they are moving, or to help them clean their overgrown yard. We all know how exhausting moving can be. Moving into the new house can be exciting, but packing and cleaning up the old house as well as unpacking and rearranging the new house can be a chore. Even a casserole dish can be a welcome gift at the end of a long moving day.

In the old days, the lady of the house would walk over with a fresh baked apple or blueberry pie or a two-layer chocolate cake she had made especially to welcome the lady next door. The man of the house would offer to help build his new neighbor's house or barn. They would become so close, that even in hard times, they would help each other survive, farming each others fields if need be. We can relive those old days, with some good old family hospitality.

Here are more ways to welcome your new neighbor:

One way to brighten up the New Home of your New Neighbor, is to hand-deliver a bouquet of fresh flowers from your yard, a basket full of flower/herb/vegetable seeds (from your yard) or a potted plant with a bow. Perhaps, you are a crafter and can make a handmade decorative gift, such as a holiday wreath, carved wood or stone figure, a basketful of crocheted flowers. If you're not a crafter, a purchased gift for the man or woman of the house will do.

You may also want to enlist the support of your friends and neighbors if you are a close- knit community. Presenting any one of the gifts above with a card signed by all-of-the-above will make your New Neighbors feel special and part of the Community. An Invitation to a Barbecue or Picnic at the local Community Center, Park or Your House in honor of your New Neighbor will be an event to remember. If it is done consistently with all New Neighbors, everyone will be able to enjoy the recounts of each Neighbor. How wonderful it will be to have Community Christmas Parties, Halloween Parades & Contest, Thanksgiving Meals, Easter Egg-Hunts, and Huge New Year celebrations with all your Neighbors.

Well, it all begins with that first, "Hello, My name is ____________" and "I'm very happy to welcome you to our neighborhood.' Here is a special gift just for you and your family. If you need any help I'm just right next door. Don't hesitate to knock, Friend."