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The most widely used form of waste disposal is through landfills. Most waste disposal money, estimated to be 75%, is spent on this method, and it costs the least amount of money.

However,the nearer the location of the garbage source is,the more advantageous it is. A modern landfill is being developed by having the wastes scattered in thin layers. The bulldozer then tries to press the wastes until about 3 meters of them are laid down.Clean soil is covered into them and these are pressed again.To avoid the hassles of pollution resulting from using landfills,the wastes are being outlined,pressed and covered again by clean earth.
They are then placed in a location where floods couldn't result if the refuse were placed there.the gases emitted by these wastes could be helpful in preventing methane,a flammable gas to explode.

The other process of waste disposal is through using incinerators.The trashes are first being burned and shredded in non-melting chambers.The other flammable gases are burned in the other chamber.The easily burned materials are already almost done once they're combusted.Gases like sulfur,nitrogen and carbon dioxide are then released.The nongaseous pollutants like ashes and hard to burn materials are disposed in bag filters and wet scrubbers.

The last method of disposing wastes is through composting.This is done by preparing the trashes and decomposing them with the aid of aerobic organisms.The wastes are first checked to see if there still are some materials which can't be composted.These usable materials are set aside.The trashes are piled up in layers on the ground where they are being degraded.Estimatedly 3 weeks after it,they are then unearthed for curing.Additional substances are mixed into them.The wastes are then placed in bags and sold to the market.