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A video cassette recorder is basically made up of a tape basket that accepts and ejects tapes, rollers and capstans that takes the video tape from one place to another, heads for video, audio, and erasing, and plenty of electronic controls and switches. There are plenty of places for error to occur. But the last thing you want is for an error to occur right when you need your VCR to play or record your favorite movie or show. So, here are some ways you can fix your VCR without having to call in your repair man.

· Your VCR doesn’t work at all. You may have a power problem. Check out all the plugs and connectors to make sure they’re secure. Make sure that the power switch on the inside of the VCR is working properly. Keep in mind that most VCRs have what are known as dew indicators. These are indicators that are constantly on the look out for too much moisture in the electronic equipment. If there is too much moisture, the indicators automatically shut off the VCR. If your dew indicator light is on, dry out your VCR and try it again later.
· The cassette is jammed in your VCR. Take apart the VCR and check out the tape basket. Remove the tape and look for any gears that might be jammed. Replace worn or broken gears. Look for broken belts in the drive belt area. Replace any bad belts.
· Your VCR eats your tapes. Chances are your tape basket is dirty. Clean the transport and the basket thoroughly. Make sure it’s clean. You may also have to adjust the tape guides. This requires professional servicing.
· Your VCR doesn’t record or play. You like have dirty or broken belts. Take your VCR apart and clean the belts. If you have a broken or worn belt, replace it. You may also have a bad idler in your VCR. Check out and fix your idler.
· Your VCR won’t record but will play. Chances are you have a bad record switch or are using a bad tape. Check out the record switch and have it professionally serviced. Use a different tape. Also, check to see if the record tab is missing on the tape you’re trying to record onto. A tape will not record unless a record tab is there. If the record tab is missing, place a piece of tape over the area where the record tab should be, and your tape will work.
· The tape won’t load correctly in the VCR. You may have a bad belt or tape. Check out the belts on the inside of your VCR. You may have to clean the belts thoroughly or even replace the belts if they are worn or broken. Check out the tape. Make sure other tapes don’t have the same problem. Also, You may have some problems with some switches. Check your playback switch or even your logic switch. Clean these switches and try it again. If a cassette won’t load, that’s also a sign that your VCR may contain too much moisture. Dry out your VCR and try it again later.