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If you have a sprinkler system in your yard or just one sprinkler attached to a hose, you first need to identify what type of sprinkler you have. Then you can fix it.

Types of Sprinklers

1. Revolving Sprinklers: Basically made up of a base, a column and a two revolving arms. As long as it is kept clean, you usually won't have too many problems.

2. Oscillating Sprinklers: Is usually oblong with a spray tube with many different nozzles. Its nozzles can clog easily with grit or hard water deposits. The spray tube can also come off line.

3.In Ground Sprinklers: These are professionally installed and most often need to be maintained professionally. You may be able to fix minor problems, but most likely will need to consult a professional.

How to Stop a Leak

Most sprinkler leaks occure where the sprinkler connects to the hose.

To fix: 1. Install a new filter washer and tighten the fitting to stop the leak. If the sprinkler is leaking under the rotating arm, unscrew the bearing assembly column from the base. Replace any worn washers and o-rings with exact duplicates from a hardware store.

If you have a revolving sprinkler, make sure the column, washer, o-ring and arms are all on correctly and tightly.

How to Fix and/or Service an Oscillating Sprinkler

1. Clean Nozzles: Stick hatpin or long upholstery needle into each nozzle on the spray tube. Twirl pin to dig out any built up dirt or debris thatmight be blocking nozzle.

2. Remove Nozzles: If there is still too many deposits you'll need to actually remove the nozzles. Use pliers to pull out nozzles or you may be able to unscrew them. Soak nozzles in venegar and water before clearning from both ends witha pin. Replace cleaned nozzles back in the spray tube.

3. Adjust Spray Pattern: Loosen selscrew on dial arm of sprinkler with a screwdriver. Turn spray tube slightly and then tighten screw. Test the pattern by turning on the water. If you are not satisfied with the result, you may need to repeat the process to get another spray pattern.

Fixing In-ground Sprinkler Systems

As mentioned before, do not try to service an in-ground sprinkler system yourself. If the problem is water pressure you may be able to adjust that. But most likely, you will have to seek professional help.

If you have further questions about how to fix your sprinkler, you can also call the store where you bought it. Sometimes, a sprinkler cannot be fixed, or you may not think it's worth your time. In that case, make sure the next sprinkler you buy is easier to maintain.