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Getting a house ready for sale is a big job. You want to get the best price for it and you don’t want it to sit on the market for months and months. There are specific things that you can do to help make a quick and profitable sale.

Clear out the clutter: Clean out those closets to show them off. One of the things everyone wants in a new home is plenty of closets. Make sure yours are neat and show-able. Thin down the number of things hanging and make sure that any shelves aren’t stacked to the ceiling. A well-organized closet looks bigger than it actually is.

Straighten up those cupboards: Just as important as closets is the number of kitchen cabinets and how useable they are. The kitchen is probably the most important room in the house to most families. Make sure yours is neat as a pin. Clear off the counters to highlight the amount of space they offer. Straighten out those shelves and drawers to make them appear more than adequate. If you’re selling the appliances, clean the oven and the refrigerator out. Defrost the freezer.

Neutralize the décor: Décor is what makes a house a home. Everyone has his or her own taste and you are safest going with a neutral décor while you are in the process of marketing your house. Put away that collection of wooden shoes and replace it with neutral prints of landscapes. Unclutter all rooms and make them as bright and spacious looking as possible. Homebuyers want bright open spaces in their new home. Make your rooms look like what everyone wants.

Paint: A fresh coat of paint inside and out will go a long way in brightening up and revitalizing your house. Painting is relatively inexpensive and the results can be dramatic. Go with neutral colors, whites and creams inside, nicely matched colors outside.

Do minor repairs: Make sure all outlets have covers. Make sure all light switches work. Make sure all light bulbs work. Make sure that the door hinges don’t squeak and the floorboards don’t creak. Make sure the toilet doesn’t run constantly or sweat. Re-caulk the bathtub and the sink.

Clean out the basement, attic and garage. Make these spaces as attractive and clutter-free as possible. Extra storage space is a plus in a house; show yours off to its best advantage.

Keep the grass cut, the hedges trimmed and plant some annuals if you can. If it’s winter, keep the driveway and walkways cleared of snow and ice. Wash all the windows, inside and out. Clean out the gutters and edge the lawn.

With a little work, you’ll have your house in order. A house with a well cared for appearance will sell quickly for the price you want. So, grab a mop and get to work!