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Screen doors and windows are perfect for air to move in and out, without letting the bugs and insects in and out as well. While screen is made of aluminum or fiberglass, which are fairly strong, both can tear. Here is how to install or replace a screen door or window.
1. Select material
Aluminum is a stronger replacement, but it can rust, like any metal. Unless you are replacing all your doors or window, it is best to select the same one as before, so they look uniform. Although we think of screen probably as a gray color. It actually comes in many colors and widths. So, select a similar one as you had before, aluminum or fiberglass.
2. Remove old screen
Whether you have a metal or wooden window or door, you need to remove the old screen. You will need to take a screwdriver or awl and pry the screen out. If you are working with wood, this means removing the molding first, then removing several staples.
3. Replace new screen
To replace a new screen on wood or metal, you need to cut a piece of the screen larger than the door or window and place it on top of the frame. If you are working with metal, just place the spline over the screen, and roll
it into the grooves. You can do this easily with a spline roller. Make sure it is in all around the frame. If you are working with wood, staple the screen to the wood.
4. Cut off excess
Now you need to remove the excess screen. Just cut off the excess with a utility knife, making sure, you do not damage your new screen.
5. Replace molding
If you are working with wood, you need to replace the molding you took off. This will give it a finished look.
6. Replace frames
Then, take the frames and replace them in the doors or windows from where they came. You shouldn't be able to see a big different in the color of the others.