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Your rocking chair, simply cannot rock, if the rocker is broken. The good news is, a rocker is not hard to fix. To repair a broken rocker on a chair you will need glue, a wood clamp, wax paper, a dowel, a drill, sandpaper, a hammer and a saw. Once you have all these items in place, you are ready to begin repairs.
1. Glue break
The first step is to glue the two pieces of the rocker back together. Select a strong wood glue. Maybe something like, aliphatic, acrylic, cellulose, or hide glue. Some of the glue may ooze from the break. Place some wax paper over those areas.
2. Clamp it
Take a wood clamp, and install it around the break. This is to ensure the two pieces of wood adhere to one another. The wax paper will ensure the clamp supports do not stick to the wood. Leave the chair clamped overnight.
3. Reinforce break
The next step is reinforcement. The glue will help, but it is not enough. You will need to take a drill, and drill a hole on the side of the rocker, through the break, stopping before the opposite end. Then take the same glue and spread it inside the hole. Quickly take a dowel and hammer it in the hole. You want to make sure it is sticking out one end a little longer than the hole. Again, let the chair sit to dry. This time let it sit for at least 24 hours.
4. Saw dowel
Once the glue is dry, use a backsaw to remove the excess dowel. Cut the dowel off, so it is flush with the rocker. To smooth it out, sand it with fine sandpaper.
Now your rocker is good as new. Sit back, relax and rock away.