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Riding lawn mowers can be tricky to repair. You want to make sure you make repairs correctly because you’re dealing with sharp blades underneath the mower. Here are some ways you can repair your riding lawn mower.

1. The engine to your riding lawn mower won’t start. You either are having engine trouble, or there’s a problem with your safety switch. You should test both.

2. The belt squeaks. Your belt may be attached too tightly. Loosen it, so it maintains the proper tension level. The other possibility is that there’s something rubbing against the belt as it turns. Check to make sure the object isn’t causing any harm to the belt and find a way to secure it away from the belt. If the belt is worn or tattered, replace it.

3. The mower cuts grass unevenly. You may be driving too fast or the engine speed might be too low; adjust either. You also may have a problem with the blades. They may need to be sharpened. In addition, you may find that you have a worn belt that needs to be replaced.

4. The belt is loose or comes off while you’re using it. There may be something obstructing the belt’s track. Remove that object. Your belt may also simply be old and worn. Replace the belt if that’s the case. You may also need to adjust the tension level on the belt. The belt may simply be too tight or too loose.

5. The lawn mower is hard to shift from gear to gear. The belt tension might not be at the right level. The gear shifters might need to be lubricated. The other possibility is that the brake pedal or clutch is broken. You may need to replace it or have it professionally repaired.

6. The lawn mower shakes violently when the clutch is pushed in. The belts might be broken. You may need to adjust the tension on the belts or replace them. The other possible problems might be that that there are debris under the bottom of the mower. More than likely, this is dried grass that has gathered under your mower and blocked the gear shifter.