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Answering machines can be somewhat complex to repair because they encompass two different types of technology: electrical and telephone. Older answering machines use a tape to record what the incoming caller wants to say. Newer technology includes a computer chip that records the messages. Here are some tips on repairing your home answering machine.

· Your answering machine doesn’t work at all. There may be a problem with the plug or the outlet. Check to make sure the cable is secure on both ends. The other possible problem is that there’s a broken transformer. In this case, you should replace the transformer.
· Your answering machine’s tape won’t move. You have one of several problems. Look inside the tape portion of your answering machine. Look at the belts or gears that turn the tape. Make sure all belts are secure and in place and all ears are secure and sharp. If a belt or gear is broken, replace it. You also may have a broken cassette. Try a new tape. Another option is that the buttons you push on the control panel to tell the cassette player what to do might be dirty. Clean the buttons with a clean cloth and alcohol. Take apart the machine and clean the insides of the buttons, as well.
· The tape on your answering machine jams. You’ve likely got a bad tape in there. Take it out and get a new one. The other likely option is that the heads on your player and recorder are dirty. Clean them.
· The quality of your messages is not good. You’ve likely got dirty or broken tape heads. Try cleaning the heads (both play and record). The other main possibility is that you’ve got a bad tape and you should get a new one.
· Your answering machine doesn’t turn on when there’s a call. If this happens, you likely have a bad telephone cord running from your phone to your answering machine. Test it out and get a new one. The other possibility is that the circuit board on your answering machine is bad. Have it replaced.