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The first steps taken are these Tools you will need to Remove your Wall-Paper.
1.One Gallon Sprayer
2.Some Sandpaper
3.One Putty Knife
4.One Drop Cloth
5.Large Trashbag
6.One Flat Head Screwdriver
7.One Caulking Gun+Caulk
8.One Small Container Drywall Mud
9.Warm Water

Directions: Here are a list of items you need to remove from your walls.
3.Light Switch Covers
4.Wall Plug Covers
On the first section of the wall you plan on starting, put the drop cloth on the floor, up against the wall. Then you add warm water to your one gallon sprayer. Spray the warm water onto the whole section of the wall you plan to start with.
You need to wait until the wallpaper starts to bubble. If you don't see it bubble, then spray some more warm water onto the wallpaper. Take your putty knife, go to the bottom corner, push putty knife under the corner of wallpaper, then pull with fingers, the wallpaper should come off in
large sections, depending on what kind of wallpaper it is. Once all the wallpaper is off of one wall, take your one gallon sprayer and spray the water on the wall again. The backing of the wallpaper will turn brown and bubble. Take your putty knife to the bottom corner and push under the backing and pull backing off with fingers.
When all the backing is off, spray the wall again.
Take a wet rag, wipe the glue off that is on the
wall that was behind the wallpaper. Go to the next wall, and repeat all the steps over again.
When the room is done, take the sandpaper, lightly sand the walls, then take the caulking gun and caulk, and caulk the baseboard to the wall, doorframes to the wall, if you prefer to do this, you can, but you don't have to. Use your drywall mud for any small to large holes you see, use small amounts to putty these holes, you don't need to use a whole lot of drywall mud for small holes, only large ones. Let those areas you did with the drywall mud dry completely, then sand down first before painting. Last you prime the walls, then paint your walls whatever color you
have picked out. Your walls should look very nice
after removing the wallpaper as explained.