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Last week I returned for recycling an old battery and bought a new car battery. I asked the salesman, What happens to my old battery? He said a trucker picked up the old batteries from his and other establishments and took them to a recycling factory. Keeping the lead out of the environment isn't something new.

About 3 1/2 million batteries are unaccounted each year. These batteries may be stored in garages, basement or worse in a land fill or an empty lot. People should concern themselves with keeping the lead and acids from old batteries out of our lakes and streams. This does occur because of our effective environmental practices today. Our old lead batteries are absent from the contamination issue because people know enough to recycle their old batteries.

What happens to the old battery after it is returned to the retailer? At the recycling plant starting, deep cycle, and dual purpose batteries are 99% recyclable from the lead grids to the polypropylene case. On average a 40 pound battery when recycled weighs about as much as an ignition key.

During recycling the lead is smelted and the plastic separated and melted. Both materials go into a new battery. The sulfuric acid is reclaimed as sodium sulfate crystals and sold. Ninety- seven percent of old batteries are recycled. The average new battery will contain about 80% of recycled material.
Keep the lead out-
Recycle your old battery.