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The tips below will help you maintain the water in your pool or spa and give you some ideas to save energy, help the environment, and clean tiles.
Water in swimming pools and spas should be clear as crystal, free from odors, and balanced chemically.

Test the water – It’s important to have a professional test the water. Then you’ll know the proper types of chemicals to use. Minerals like copper, iron, and manganese need to be treated with a sequestering or flocculating agent before chlorine or bromine are added, so the water won’t become black, brown, or green.

A test will also determine the acidity or alkalinity of the water in your pool or spa. The effectiveness of sanitizing chemicals chlorine and bromine is determined by the pH of the water. Eye irritation and acidic or corrosive water are reduced when the proper balance is achieved.

Professionals also test for calcium and hardness of the water in your spa or pool. Heating and plumbing equipment are protected when the levels of chemicals are in the range recommended by the professional after the tests are complete.

If you have cloudy water, there are other products on the market to help clear up this problem.

A non-chlorine shock treatment product should be added weekly. Bacteria and other microorganisms causing disease are kept in check with this treatment.

To prevent buildup of body oils, spa and pool filters should be soaked in a filter cleaner once a month. Make sure to keep the cover top and bottom clean.

Relaxing in your pool or spa will be safer if you follow the above tips. It takes work, but soon you’ll have a maintenance routine that will be a snap.

Help the Environment

If you don’t like the thought of using chlorine, there are new natural spa and swimming pool sanitizers available. Some of them make your water more bacteria free than most drinking water. They are endorsed by major pool manufacturers, and you’ll help the environment while making your water very safe.

Save Energy Costs

Heavy plastic pool covers are wonderful for reducing the amount of money you spend heating your pool. While the initial investment is large, you will wind up getting your money back in lower energy bills over the years. By taking proper care of your cover, you’ll be able to use it for many years. You can buy automatic roll-up machines for your cover. These are quite expensive. But it’s just as easy for most families to have two or more members roll the cover up by hand. Keep small children away from the cover, so they don’t poke holes in it.

Cleaning Pool Tiles

If you have tiles around the upper edge of your pool, you can easily clean them by using an abrasive kitchen cleaner like Ajax™ or Comet™. Put your children to work, and the tiles will be sparkling in no time.

Using the above tips will help you achieve safe, clean water in no time at all.