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This article is going to require a little bit of thought on your part. Before reading through to the end, take out a piece of paper and write down all the weapons that you have in your possession.

When asked what weapons a person has, most answer firearms, knives, mace (pepper spray), etc. Although these can be effective, most people don't carry them to the bed, bath or into the back yard to play with the kids. On the other hand, everyone has several more that they carry 24 hours a day.

Teeth - These are effective in distracting an attacker while you use another technique to get away. When biting an attacker, attempt to "take a piece home." Clamp down as hard as possible and try to rip. Don’t limit your use of teeth to just an attacker’s hands or arms. If you are caught into a headlock, don’t fight it. Take both your arms, wrap them around the assailant and start biting chunks out of his side. Right in the area where the old advertisements spoke of “pinching an inch.” Think like a bulldog and make whoever is holding you WANT to let you go.

Head - A head rammed with force into an attacker's mouth and nose will often stun them, causing swelling and watering of the eyes. When using this, let your chin drop to your chest and then slam it backwards with as much force as possible.

Elbows - A bent elbow is extremely effective when applied with force to an attacker's head, ears, throat, abdomen, solar plexus and groin.

Fists - Can be used with a certain amount of effectiveness when hitting any part of an attacker's body if enough force can be delivered. To focus your power, breathe out as you throw the punch. A forceful yell will often cause an assailant to believe they are injured much worse than they really are. Their surprise alone will give you an added advantage.

Fingers - Fingers can often be effective when used to scratch or gouge face, eyes and throat. When using them to scratch, start at the top of the head and work all the way to the throat. If given the opportunity, use your fingers to “poke” the eyes. This isn’t done so much in the Three Stooges method but as an attempt to drive your thumbs through the eyes to the back of the skull. Grab the head and hair when doing this for added power.

Knees - A bent knee is a great weapon against an attacker's head, solar plexus, abdomen and groin.

Feet - Feet can be used for kicking and stomping. Feet can also be used to RUN AWAY.

Remember the saying, "he who runs away, lives to fight another day."