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Are roaches or ants ruling your kitchen? It does not have to be this way! Read on for little known tips on how to prevent, control, and eliminate pest infestation.

Pests do not always enter your house through the walls. Sometimes you carry them in unknowingly. Many fruits carry gnat eggs in their stems and skins. You do not generally have to worry about eating them if you wash or peel your fruit. Nevertheless, think twice before you leave grapes, melons, or bananas out once they are ripe. Refrigeration will keep this particular infestation under control. Whatever you do, be sure to dispose of fruit and vegetable trash outside of your home as soon as possible. Do not give the bugs a chance to swarm to your garbage can and spread to your kitchen. Also, stop keeping those paper bags in the kitchen! They are great for wrapping packages, storing newspaper, and recycling, but keep them in the garage, away from an interior wall. The reason? Paper bags are great for carrying roach eggs right into your kitchen.

Sugar ants are looking for sugars and oils. They do not stop at your leftovers on the counter, but will even go for your oil-based vitamins if they are not tightly sealed or have traces of oil on the containers. Other bugs will go for grains, including pastas, flours, cereals, and whole grains. Whenever possible, transfer your grains to impenetrable glass or plastic containers. Do not be fooled by the cardboard packaging that your food came in. Bugs can go in and out at will. Also, add a bay leaf to every jar containing grain-based foods. This extremely effective bug repellent will not affect the flavor of your food. Roaches will go for just about anything, so to keep all pests out of your kitchen, keep it clean! An immaculate room is always the best defense against bugs.

Some infestations will cause you to lose the food, but some foods can be salvaged. As soon as you see the first one, or even before you see any, put your grains in the freezer for 24 hours. This will kill all bugs and larvae. Then you can store the grain with a bay leaf to prevent any new bugs and wash the grain when you are ready to use it. Of course, for foods that cannot be easily washed, you are better off disposing them than risking illness. Some pest traps work well, but if you have children, you should be concerned about having poisons in the house. Consider natural alternatives like bay leaves, citrus oils, and stronger solutions like diatomaceous earth (also known as diatomite) at the back of your cabinets. Although it is not a chemical poison, diatomite is very dangerous to people because of its cutting effect. If you use this sure-fire natural alternative to eliminating pests, be sure that it will not come in contact with any people or pets. The good thing is you will not have any chemical contaminants near your food.