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Closets, like some drawers, tend to be the catch all of any household. No matter how neat a pantry closet, clothes closet or general storage closet starts out, it will always end up cluttered with the things less frequently used in your household. The principles of organizing a closet are always the same. Always try to store anything you frequently use between eye and waist level. The items you use less often should be stored near the floor and the items that are hardly ever used should be stored overhead. Anything that is small should be stored on lower shelves so they are easy to see and sort through. Item such as luggage should be stored overhead since most people cannot reach more than ten inches above their heads.

The average wardrobe can be stored on three to five feet of rod space. When you need more space you should install two rods. The overhead rod can hold shirts and jackets. On the second rod you can hang skirts and trousers. When you do this you will need to leave enough full-length hanging space for dresses, bathrobes and long coats. Closet shelves are another matter. When they can be tailored to fit your items you will save time and space. Any new shelves should be installed with metal tracks and shelf supports so you can adjust the shelves when your needs change.

Freestanding platforms are a great way to double your present shelf space. You can make or purchase them any length allowing nooks for taller items. If your closet has deep shelves that make it hard for you to reach the back, consider installing slide out bins. Attempt to keep your closet floor clear by placing shoes on low shelves or in shoe bags. Always hang items such as tennis rackets, brooms and mops from hooks or nails. Be sure your closet has plenty of light. This will make it easier to keep the area neat. There are many different types of battery lights available that make it simple to install extra lighting where it is needed. To add brightness to your closet make sure the walls are painted white. Try to use a semi-gloss paint. Always allow for good circulation in any closet. This will keep the closet fresh. This can be done by installing a vent in the door or using louvered doors instead of a solid door. You can also place a can of charcoal or box of baking soda on a shelf to absorb moisture and odors.

If your closet is a walk-in type, consider buying a small drawer unit to store belts, scarves and other small items that are usually hung from the clothes rods. Purses can be stored over head in inexpensive plastic crates so they stand side by side. Closets with double sliding doors should be organized with trousers in the front. Then moving toward the back, hang your shirts, skirts, dresses, robes and long coats. Using this graduated system makes it much easier to see what you are looking for and keep everything in order. If you are using shelves for your shoes leave space near the front for boots. Then graduate your shoes to the back of the closet according to how often you wear them. Although the new hanger on market that allows you to hang several items from one hook is a great invention and a wonderful space saver, be sure when using these that you reinforce your rods. Otherwise you might find yourself picking all your neatly hung clothes off the floor.