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Planning can make things run very smoothly if you are moving across town or across country. Turn a time which is usually met with confusion and disarray into organized calmness.

The best packing tip for boxes and the best way to organize them is very simple. Most people get out a thick sharpie marker and write over and over "bedroom" or "kitchen" etc. Instead use bright colored circle stickers to indicate which room to put them in. For example, all the green stickers can go to bedroom one, blue to the master bedroom, white to the kitchen etc. This makes it much easier for people unloading the truck to know where to put every thing because you can also adhere a colored sticker to things that are not boxed. And the packers do not have to stop and write on everything while packing.

On each box you can put a number; 1, 2 or 3. One indicates which box needs to be opened on the first, second or third day. Things like bedding, the coffee maker, towels or things that you need to make your first night and first day comfortable. Put number 2 on a box indicating that it is needed within day 2 and 3 for items not needed until several days later. This makes the unpacking phase much easier, you will no longer have to search from box to box looking for stuff you need right away.

There should also be a box which is to opened ASAP. It contains toilet paper, paper towels, cutlery, other toiletries, the phone and new local phone book, pet food, dishes and other things that are to be unpacked as soon as you walk in the door. This way you aren't searching through kitchen boxes looking for stuff to make a bowl of cereal if the kids are hungry. On top of the ASAP box put URGENT on one box for each bedroom. Each child chooses the toys and activities they want right away to keep them happy.

Another tip is to always save your original boxes for electronic equipment and appliances. It makes the packing and safety so much better when moving time rolls around. This is especially important for computers. When moving it is imperative to pack your items correctly to prevent breakage. Those glass items or other items that are easily breakable should be packed in paper. Newsprint works well and is usually available if you take the newspaper each day. Otherwise, buying some packing paper would be a wise investment. Then wrap each plate and glass separately. Fill the glass with some wadded paper. The idea is to create a more solid object so when it bumps into something else, it is padded and not hollow which may cause it to shatter when pressure is applied.

Furniture should be wrapped with furniture pads. They may seem expensive to rent, but they go a long way towards protecting your expensive furniture that would cost more to repair. Pack your book boxes so they are not too heavy to carry without getting hurt. Of course it is even more helpful to use a dolly to move these items from a room to the truck. Collectible items should be wrapped and placed in boxes.

All of this planning can make things run very smoothly during a time which is usually met with confusion and disarray.