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Who do you tell you're moving?
First off, you want to give careful consideration about your bills and mail. Depending on how long you'll be at your other location, you may want to tell your utility, credit card companies and postal office about your move. Make a list of each company and check them off as you notify each. Each will have different policies they follow regarding changes of address. Notify them as early as possible, so they can process your request. Consider this list of people to notify.

o Family and friends.
o Magazine and newspaper subscriptions.
o Financial companies. This includes banks, stock companies, insurance agencies and credit cards.
o Utility companies. Electric, gas, and telephone companies need to know where to send your final bills.
o Business contacts. Anyone you deal with on a regular basis.
o The post office. Fill out a "change of address" form at your local post office. They'll forward all your mail to your new address. However, any mail labeled "do not forward," will not be forwarded.

How can you make sure your mail arrives at your new address as quickly as possible?

Be sure to notify each of the parties involved as soon as you get your new address and the date of your move. Make sure you contact the appropriate person at each company in order to ensure your new information is entered properly. A good rule is to make your notifications at least a month before your move. Any periodicals should be notified four to six weeks in advance.

How long will the post office forward your mail?

The U.S. Postal Service says all first-class, priority and express mail not marked "do not forward" will be forwarded for a year for free. Newspapers and magazines are forwarded for free for two months. Third-class mail is not usually forwarded at all. And they'll forward your fourth-class parcel post mail locally for a year for free. Keep in mind that the post office will forward any other mail if you pay for it. You can contact your local post office for additional fees or more services.