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Moving is never fun. There’s so much to do. Everyone knows about change of address cards, making arrangements for utility service, and having the phone service installed. Below you’ll find some other tips to help make your move easier.
1. Get a phone directory from your new town. Your current telephone provider can arrange to have the directory delivered. This will provide you with numbers for school districts, government offices, and even parks in your new location.
2. Make sure the police or sheriff’s department in your new area doesn’t have restrictions about moving vans without a variance.
3. Choose a new bank. Find out about different types of accounts and what the banks charge for them. Ask about the hours of operation and find out where the ATMs and branch locations are.
4. You can get free maps, referrals, and discount coupons from the Chamber of Commerce in your new area.
5. The American Medical Association and the Bar Association will give you names of members for your medical and legal needs.
6. Talk with the new schools to find out what records you’ll need, including vaccinations, and other pre-enrollment needs for your children.
Moving is a hassle. But by following the tips above, you’ll save yourself a lot of time when you first get to your new home or apartment. That will give you more time for unpacking those dreaded boxes!