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Once you sell your home and are preparing to move, there are a number of important papers, documents, and dates that you will need to remember. The best way to keep track of all the information that you will need on hand is to buy a large spiral notebook with a pocket.

Put any documents relating to the move in the pocket (mover's contract, etc.). In the notebook you can keep all your phone numbers and dates listed in one place. This will avoid the problem of having scraps of paper all of you house with bits of information on each.

Here is a checklist for you to refer back to:

Call the following companies/services to stop service at your old home and start service at your new home. Give yourself plenty of lead time, especially during peak moving season: Telephone, gas, electric, cable, newspaper, water and any special services.

Change your address at the post office and mail change of address cards to credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, schools, places of worship and friends and family.

Order new checks at the bank with your new address.

Return any videos or movies that are due near your old house.

As you are packing your home, number each box and in your spiral notebook keep track of what is in each box. For example: Box 1 - Dishes, fine china. This way if the moving company misplaces anything you will have a list on -hand and not just on the box!!

As your items come off the moving truck, check off each number in your book to make sure you have everything. This will also help you as you are unpacking.

Keep bed linens, toiletries, medicine and cleaning supplies with you. This way you can clean up and make up the beds before you have to unpack everything. If your move is finished late at night, you won't want to be searching through boxes for these items.

To ease the move for your children, let them help pack and unpack when they get to the new home. Also, make sure to take any favorite toys, etc. with you in your car to avoid them being lost.