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Making a jewelry box at home is not as hard as you think.

Using crafting wood and a pattern, you can put one together in little time at all. You can find patterns free via the internet or check out a book at your local library. I used a simple design that I made myself. I made a small box with a hinged lid and a small, easy-to-install lock on the front.

If you don't feel up to making one yourself, you can also purchase ready-to-paint boxes at your local craft store or at Walmart. I found a plain wooden box at Walmart with an oval glass positioned in the lid for only $1.25. That's not a bad price and in the end, actually ended up beating the price I had to pay for the crafting wood to make it myself.

After your box is assembled, you need only paint it a desired color. I chose white, then stenciled on butterfly designs in various colors.

There are many choices for decorating your jewelry box. You can cover it in fabric, paint, or paper and decorate it with stickers, beads, glitter, and much, much more. Any unique design you like works with most any colors you choose. All you need to do is get started. It took me about fifteen minutes to get my jewelry box painted, finished, and ready to sell.

These boxes are great keepsakes and make wonderful gifts for friends and family alike.