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Sexual offenders are often the most hated criminals of all time. Violent acts towards sexual offenders are reported often and the acts are usually extremely vengeful. Pedophiles (child molesters) can be deemed the “sickest” criminal because their victims are vulnerable and often helpless.

Community notification has no proven track record to improve a neighborhood's safety. Notifying the community makes people jittery and more apt to call in false alarms.

Community members often bond together to make the neighborhood unbearable for the offender. They will usually shun the sex offender in every way possible so that they will leave their neighborhood.

Community members often do physical or mental damage to the offender when community living is supposed to help them. One sexual offender awoke to find his dog beheaded and the head on the doorstep. Another house belonging to a sexual offender was burned down and yet another cowered upstairs while his neighbor below was mistaken for the sex offender and attacked. This proves that community members cannot handle knowing that sexual offenders live nearby.

Some states have laws that sexual offenders must abide by that are outrageous. For example, in one state sexual offenders must register with the police department within 24 hours of being within the state line. If they do not register, they face up to $100,000 in fines.

There are no set laws as to which names should be released and which names should not. All levels of offenders’ names’ are released and this is plainly unfair. A sex offender who was convicted of computer pornography should not be in the same list as some one who raped and killed a young girl. To be fair, grades of sexual offenders and the crimes they committed should be established. Laws should be more specific and detail what should be released and when.

Murderers and wife beaters serve their time and are free to move on with their life when they are finished with their time. Sexual offenders are not so lucky. They live with that crime and deal with it on a daily basis for the rest of their lives. They are victims of hate crimes, violence, obscene gestures and calls, etc.

Overall, sexual offenders should be punished and communities notified, but in a more organized manner. There should be specific rules and regulations to be followed, ensuring that sexual offenders are safe as well as the neighborhoods. Sexual offenders should not be permitted to roam free, but some rules are ridiculous and even impossible for them to follow.