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Before we had Spray ‘N Wash™, people had to rely on other methods for removing stains from laundry. Below are a few tips to help you keep your clothes looking brand-new.

It’s very important to remove all stains quickly, preferably when they first happen. Dried stains are much harder to remove than ones that are fresh. You should know that most stains are set by heat, so if you wash your clothes in the machine, look at them before tossing them into the dryer. Heat includes hot water, so don’t wash anything in it before you try removing the stain.

Soaking the following stains in cool water for thirty minutes will help remove them:
Protein stains such as milk, urine, and vomit
Coffee and tea
Fruit juice

Blood stains require special care. Soak them in cool water also, then add soap and rub the stain against itself. You’ll literally see the blood disappear. Follow by washing in warm water. Do not use vinegar on bloodstains.

Chocolate is easily removed by first soaking as above. Then you can safely wash the item in warmest water that’s recommended for the fabric.

Red wine stains can be removed in different ways. If the stain is fresh, rub a little table salt on it. Follow by rubbing the cloth together, rinsing in cool water, and washing. Dried red wine stains that are not old and brown might come out by putting club soda on them. If the stain is old, you can soak it in either non-chlorine or regular bleach. Use warm water for the soak.

Chewing gum comes out by putting ice or cold water on it to harden it. Use a spoon to scrape the hardened gum off, then wash in vinegar. If there is a stain from the gum after washing (before drying), try giving it a vinegar soak.

If you don’t like using the new stain removers, you’ll enjoy using the tips above to keep your clothes in tip-top shape.