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We purchase brand new clothing that is so very white and the colors are bright and cheery to look at! Nevertheless, low and behold after a few washings, that ugly tint of yellow or gray appears, and we just can not understand how this happens. Let's explore the problem and see if we can come up with a solution.

What could be the cause of the overall graying in our fabrics?
* You may not be using enough detergent, to adequately clean your clothing. Increase the amount or use a detergent booster.
* Wash in the hottest water that will be safe for the particular fabric.
* Sorting incorrectly: Separate clothes. The very heavily soiled from lightly soiled fabrics. Use a correct amount of soap, and hot water. Rewash and use powdered bleach that is safe for the fabric.
* The color in the fabric may be bleeding on to the other clothes. Do not place these into the dryer, the color may be set in. Separate the clothes by color and rewash the items with detergent and bleach safe for fabric. If the damage is very bad, it may be permanent.

Why are there uneven blotches?
This could be caused by treating with pre-wash stain and not using enough detergent to throughly clean the fabric. To remove the uneven coloring, treat entire garment with pre-wash or soak in a concentrated solution of laundry detergent. Rewash making sure you are using the correct amount of soap.

Why are my clothes yellow?
Yellowing is generally cause from body soil.
* Increase the amount of detergent or use a product containing enzymes, detergent booster, or bleach.
* Your water may not be hot enough, increase the temperature.
* If you are hand washing with a light duty detergent this may be a problem. If synthetic fabrics are washed on delicate in the washer, it may not be getting items clean enough, the wash cycle is too short, and too gentle as well as the water is usually cool. Wash in hotter water at least 130 degrees using the permanent press cycle with cool down that will lower the temperature of the water before first spin.

Your washing machine should not be overloaded this will facilitate poor soil removal. Wash fewer in a load, and sort clothes as to amount of soiling.

In hard water, some detergents can combine with minerals to form a residue. This makes fabrics stiff and faded. An easy way to soften hard water is to add 1 cup of white vinegar to last rinse.

Needles to say clothes are a very expensive part of our living expenses. A little extra time in their care will be well worth your time. Bon voyage!