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Replacing a kitchen or bathroom sink is more time consuming than difficult. However, if you have both the time and patience you can save a lot of money.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the new sink will fit into the existing hole, shut off the water to the sink and open the faucets to drain the existing water. Disconnect all supply pipes and traps, and unscrew any mounting clips under the sink. Run a putty knife between the sink and the deck loosening the sink for removal.

Before assembling the sink install the faucets and apply plumbers putty to the underside of bases. Insert the faucet into assembly, align and press down. Install washer and nuts under sink and install flexible connectors to hot and cold tailpieces.

Apply plumbers putty around drain hole and press drain into hole. From below the sink slip on all other parts making sure to follow the manufacturer directions. Carefully tighten with a wrench keeping strainer from turning by inserting the handle of a screwdriver or wrench.

Once you have completed the following task, turn the sink over, push in any tabs on the rim of the sink and apply a thin layer of plumber’s putty under the rim. Next, apply a bead of sealant around the sink cutout.

Lower the sink into the cutout, align and press down tightening mounting clips one at a time. Connect traps and drainpipes and install tubing from faucets to shutoff. The only thing left to do know is enjoy your new sink.