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Have unwanted ants in your home and don't know how to get rid of them? Well, good thing I am here to help! Just follow these easy steps to become ant-free once and for all!

1. Make sure living or work space is clean (free of rubbish, garbage, food, etc).

2. Sweep entire floor making sure to get under all furniture, rugs, and anything else you have sitting or lying around.

3. For no-wax flooring, combine 1 gallon water with 1 1/2 cup bleach. Mop entire area twice. Allow proper ventilation for smell to exit and floor to dry.

4. For carpeted flooring, use a carpet cleaner (Rug Doctor, Steam Cleaner, etc.) Fill cleansing container 3/4 way of regular cleanser, or water, whatever your preference, and the remaining 1/4 with bleach..clorine or non clorine. Non clorine is better for dark carpet. Cleanse entire area twice.

5. Wipe down all counter tops, window sills, appliances, etc. with PURE bleach. Best if used in a spray bottle.

6. Make sure you allow proper ventilation for all areas.

7. Keep house clean and garbage removed from the house and you should remain ant free.

The smell of the bleach is very harmful to the ants, causing them to die off. After they ingest the bleach, by drinking it from your counters, or simply the aroma, they carry it back to their nest where it kills all other ants as well.