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Is your house always in need of de-cluttering and organizing? Here are some tips for getting rid of the clutter and keeping your home organized.

Look at each piece of incoming mail once and discard junk, and file others immediately. Consider making files for bills, "to do" mail (school flyers, forms, etc) and immediate attention mail. This way, you will always know where everything is.

Put a garbage can in every bedroom and in the family room. Encourage family members to toss what they don't need instead of making piles to look at later. (Which often never gets done).

Organize toys and games in clear boxes and tell your children that they must put away one toy in its proper place before taking out another. If they listen half the time, you'll still be in better shape then you are now.

Consider a bulletin board to post party invitations, flyers, etc, to avoid having papers fly off your refrigerator every time you open the door.

Keep coupons in an envelope in the car. You'll never forget them again.

Post a large calendar in the kitchen and have family members write down all their engagements, lessons, etc, in one place.

Post a list of emergency numbers near every phone.

Rather than saving entire magazines, which tend to become cluttered, tear out articles you want to read, and recycle the magazines.

Assign each family member a hook and a basket in the front closet or mud room. Hang coats on the same hook each day. Put shoes, backpacks, etc. in their baskets to avoid having to search for them.

Keep a running grocery list on the bulletin board and when you discover you need something, add it to the list. This way you will not have to do a list from memory before you go to the grocery store.