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House mice are of the mus musculus family. They are a familiar pest, but often go unnoticed unless they cause damage due to large numbers. Often a single or a pair of house mice will live in the home unnoticed for a lengthy period until they reproduce.

Signs of house mice infestation are droppings, or gnawed areas on doors, baseboards, kitchen cabinets, mouldings or other such areas. You may also find books, fabrics, furniture and other such objects to be shredded or chewed and left in piles. Packages of food may be gnawed open or have droppings in them or may simply have the contents eaten. Mice usually keep to the home or warm areas of the garage where there is plenty to pilfer.

House mice build nests out of gnawed clothing and other items and are most active at night when they leave their nests to forage for food and nesting materials. Mice can be quite agile and may jump as high a 1 foot off the ground, can run up almost any vertical surface and also are capable of swimming. They can often squeeze through openings that are only slightly larger than 1/4 inch. Under the best conditions, female mice can breed up to 50 offspring in a years time. The mice feed primarily on cereal grains, but will also forage and consume butter, meat, fats, sweets and nuts.

Rodenticides of the new generation, such as cholecalciferol, which is the vitamin D-3, mixed in with bait of cereal grains can often be very effective. This bait is safer to use around your domestic animals such as housecats and dogs than the anticoagulant baits. Still, it is best to keep the packets of bait in an area safe from accidental ingestion by children or house pets. Place mousetraps which are baited in areas you have found gnawed, chewed, or with piles of nesting debris. Check traps daily, and make sure that you wear gloves. In addition to bites from mouse parasites, house mice can spread parasites and various disease through contact with their bite, or even droppings or urine. If you are unable to eliminate the house mice on your own, you may wish to consult a professional exterminator.