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No doubt you’ve heard of small children who become very ill or die from ingesting various cleaning supplies, medicines, and other products we all keep around our homes. Below are some tips to help keep your children safe. You can also use these tips at your workplace or at school.

· All cupboards with dangerous products should have safety latches installed.
· Don’t store products in anything other than their original containers.
· Don’t tell your children that medicine is like candy.
· Go through your medicine cabinets and get rid of all outdated medicines by flushing them down the toilet.
· When a container is empty, make sure to rinse it thoroughly and dispose of it in the right way.
· Don’t give your children medicine or take medicine yourself in the dark.
· Buy products with child-proof caps.
· It’s best to store your cleaning products where your children can’t reach them.
· Don’t keep cleaning products near food or medicine.
· Write down the poison control numbers, police and fire department numbers (as well as 911) and keep them near your phone. Teach your children at an early age how to call 911.
· Don’t keep your purse/briefcase in reach if you need to carry medicine in it.
· Here’s a list of some things that you should be aware of when poison-proofing your home:

Kitchen and laundry detergent
Window and oven cleaners
Furniture polish
Moth balls
Flaking paint and broken plaster

By following the above tips, you’ll rest easier knowing that you don’t have to worry about your children or their friends ingesting dangerous products.