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Many homes have wasted space. The trick is to locate space and use it efficiently. The following are suggestions: modify them to match your home and storage needs. It has been said many times, but before you start to store things, you need to make sure that you really need to keep what you are storing. Go through and get rid of the items you really don't need. Decide what has to be kept what should be kept and what can be tossed.

Start in the bathroom. Space under the sink, over the toilet, and over the shower is all usable, so use it. Put a shelf under the bathroom sink; this a great place to store towels, curlers, heating pads etc. Over the toilet, a set of shelves to keep bath salts and other bath related items is easy to install. Just remember if you have small children not to leave things that are potentially dangerous out where they can reach them. Put a shelf over the shower to keep spare bottles of shampoo, conditioner, extra razors etc. As long as the steam from the bath won't harm it, then you can keep it over the shower.

What about the laundry room? Depending upon the space, a shelf or two over the washer and dryer will hold soap and cleaners. If you have a stacking washer and dryer, the iron and ironing board can go next to them. A folding table and chairs might fit as well. Just make sure that you can get them out with ease, storage space that is inaccessible is useless.

Hallways are wonderful places to display treasured collectibles. A shelf over the doors will allow treasured items to be displayed with little danger of breakage. Use a shadow box hung in the hall to display mementos of special days. A hat rack behind a door will hold hats, and scarves.

If you have a room with a pocket door, as well as a standard door consider replacing the pocket door with shelves, a curtain on both sides or a door will hide the contents. Under stairs of course are wonderful storage places, roomy and usually easily accessible.

Carports and garages have lots of storage space, walls and ceilings. A few strategically placed racks will help hold most of your attic storage. Attics, if they are readily accessible and nothing stored there is likely to be damaged by extremes of temperature are good places for holiday decorations.

Kitchens have a lot of wasted space, over the refrigerator, next to the refrigerator, under the sink, corner cabinets. Find the storage space and utilize it. If necessary modify doors and cabinets to make it more accessible. A narrow rolling shelf next to the refrigerator can almost eliminate a pantry.

Think of getting things off the floor. Built in bookshelves over a sofa can hold as many books as a stand alone bookshelf, but make the room seem more empty since the floor space is not being used. A built in computer desk, with shelves underneath will allow you to maximize the floor space.

Look around your home and see where space is being underutilized. Decide what your storage needs are, and build from their. Before long you will have found a place to store everything, and won't need that aircraft hanger.