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Pests take on many forms, sizes and locations in your home. You need to know how to spot what kinds of pests so you can best take care of the problems. Here are the 10 most common indoor pests found in the United States and why they're pests.

• Cockroaches. There are five indoor types of cockroaches. These pests can spread diseases if they get in your food.
• Mice. Mice are simply looking for a good place to find a bite to eat. If you have a mice problem, you need to get rid of them immediately, as they can spread diseases and even their urine or feces in your food and the places you lay your food.
• Rats. These creatures can be as large as a foot or more in length. They like hiding out in basements and sewers, and you'll mainly notice a rat problem if you have an outdoor place where you keep your trash and you leave that location uncovered and protected.
• Termites. Termites live in wood. They like eating wood, too. You may never even know you have a problem, if you don't look for them specifically. They cause problems when they eat the wood that holds your house together.
• Ants. There are many different types of ants that like eating many different types of things. But you'll likely only have ants in your home if you have food out lying around. Some ants like sweet things; others like grease; and still others like eating other insects.
• Carpenter ants. These creatures are much like termites, in that they like to live in wood. However, unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood. They prefer just to burrow their way through the wood.
• Fleas. Fleas are everywhere in nature and multiply incredibly fast. They get on your pets when they're outside and join you in your house when you come back inside. Fleas eat blood, so they'll bite you and your pets.
• Ticks. Ticks can be dangerous to humans, as they can carry diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. They'll grab hold of your pet while its outside and come inside your home.
• Spiders. Spiders eat other pests. That's why they like coming inside your home, if you have other pests. Spiders won't bite a human unless they're provoked, but if one does bite you it can be painful.
• Silverfish. Silverfish like to live on your clothes, especially clothes that are made of non-synthetic fibers. They'll also get into books, papers, and wallpaper. They like to eat at night, and can destroy important belongings.