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Home maintenance and repair is one of the most dreaded things by a homeowner. There is a lot that needs to be done to keep your home in excellent condition. It can be a lot of work and very expensive, but it must be done. There are several things you can do yourself but some things require outside expertise. Here are some things that must be done yearly on your home.

1. You need to have a pest control person do a yearly termite extermination - a thorough one that involes drilling the foundation and lining the ground underneath your home. A bi-monthly extermination is also recommended. This is one of the most costly things that has to be done to your home.

2. Pressure wash and clean your siding or brick. Also do this to your concrete carports and driveways. You can do this yourself with a small pressure washer.

3. Have your heating and refrigeration units checked and cleaned. Make sure you have all of your coils on the equipment cleaned.

4. Check your roof for leaks and any other damage.

5. Repair all seals around windows and doors to avoid waste of heat and cool air.

6. Use a cleaner on your plumbing and septic tanks.

7. Clean you gutters. This needs to be done at least every quarter to remove all debris.

8. Have any trees trimmed that might fall on your house.

9. Check all filters and change. This needs to be done often to make sure your heating and cooling units work properly.

10. Use a weatherproof sealant on all wood porches and decks.

11. If you have a pool do a thorough cleaning of it.

These are a few of the things that must be done to your home. There are several other things that might have to be repaired. It is best to fix something right away instead of putting it off. This is your home and you have to live in it, so keep it in top notch shape. It is a lot of work but in the end you will be glad you did it.