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There are many different aspects to home improvement. Some of them are simple enough for any DIY enthusiast, whereas others will require the hiring of experienced builders. Here is a complete guide to worthwhile home improvement jobs, and also those that are perhaps not such good ideas.

1. If your house does not have central heating it is well worth considering. Modern central heating systems look attractive to prospective house buyers.
2. Check the size of your loft, and if it is big enough, get it converted to a bedroom. Any budding DIY person would be capable of performing this task, and it can add up to 20% to the value of your home.
3. Any improvements such as extensions should blend in with the rest of the house. That is, they should look as if they were part of the original planning. This includes same brickwork and an identical slope angle for any roof.
4. Consider having a new kitchen put in as this instantly adds value to your home.
5. If you have a small kitchen, but some space outside, it is worth considering having a conservatory built onto it
6. By fitting low voltage light bulbs you are making the house attractive to prospective house buyers. They will like the idea of lower bills, and you are gaining from those reductions whilst you still live there! Again someone with a passion for DIY could easily complete this form of home improvement.

1. Don’t be tempted to convert your kitchen and lounge into one room. Although it means bigger space the majority of prospective house buyers do not like this concept.
2. If you buy, say, a new kitchen, don’t choose strong colours or outrageous designs. By choosing neutral colours you are not putting off any prospective house buyers.
3. Don’t have any work done that is controversial and may put some people off, such as stone cladding.
4. Avoid making high tech changes to an old house. It will only look out of character, thus lessening the value of the house.

Follow these guidelines and you will add value to your home, through home improvement, whether you are a DIY expert or just a beginner.