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Especially in the summer and winter months, who hasn't made a comment such as "we spend too much on electricity!" Yes, in the winter, you often use more energy in order to stay warm, and in the summer you spend more energy to cool off. But how do you get more for your energy dollar? What are some tips you can use to reduce your electric bill month after month?

* Keep your thermostat set at two degrees warmer than you typically would in the summer months. You'll be surprised at how much money you'll save simply by increasing your summer thermostat. Also, reduce your thermostat by two degrees in the winter months. You really won't notice the difference in temperature. But what you will notice is the change in your monthly energy bill.
* Find out when the best cheapest times of the day to use energy are. Talk with your energy company about when the peak usage times are. If they have a time of use plan you can join, get involved with it. Then use your high usage appliances at the times of day that will cost you less. If you can save money by running your dishwasher, shower, and dryer at night, why not use them at that time?
* Only turn on the lights you need to use. If no one is in a particular room, why do you need to have the lights on in that room? Turn them off. Lights cost money to operate. Keep them off when not in use.
* Turn off all appliances when you leave your home. Anytime you leave your home, whether it be for work, to go to school, or to go on a weekend excursion, turn off all your appliances. If you leave the lights, your television or even your thermostat on, it will cost you money. Ask yourself, do you really need your air conditioner to provide you with an icy cold home to return to? It will cost you.