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1// Clean the furnaces. This will reduce your bill by 10% or more.,By having the furnace cleaned and adjusted properly. If you have an oil burner, an annual inspection by a qualified technician is important.

2// Replace furnace burners. Find out if oil burner is a conventional or a retention head burner. The latter is much more efficient. These use smaller fuel nozzles and save as much as 15% on your fuel bill.

3// Clean filters: Forced warm-air furnaces need to have their air filters cleaned and replaced at least twice each winter. A clogged filter chokes of the necessary breathing of the furnace and makes it work harder.

4// Unblock registers: when you are rearranging furniture, be sure that radiators, warm-air-registers or heating units aren't blocked from proper functioning. If you prefer an arrangement that blocks heat flow, let it wait until summer when it won't affect heating efficiency.

5// Add humidity. A little extra humidity permits a lower thermostat setting without discomfort. Some furnaces will accept a humidifying system easily and inexpensively. If yours won't, use pans of water on radiators or heat registers to put a little moisture into the air.