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How can you tell if you live in one? First if you even think that your home may be haunted there is probably some reason why you think that. A lot of people attribute a haunted home to simple things such as doors squeaking or the house creaking. A haunted house is much more than a few minor noises. Provided below is a simple test to tell you if you may have some of the symptoms of a haunted home. They are only symptoms because not every home has the same type of haunting, every one is as different as the house they inhabit.

If your house is haunted you might feel the presence of a breeze even with the windows shut. Often in homes that are haunted you can feel the presence of a light breeze even though the windows are closed. In some homes certain rooms of the house may be as much as ten degrees colder for no earthly explanation. The house may suddenly get chilly despite using a heater, or you may suddenly feel as if something cold went by you.

You may hear a slow knocking at your back door. There really is no explanation to this mystery but at many haunted sites the back door is always a place of activity. Usually what will occur is that the sound of knocking will begin at around midnight and continue all night, whenever whoever lives in the home gets up to investigate the noises abruptly stop.

Another thing that commonly happens is people hear what sound like conversations or people moving, making noise in another room when the house is empty except for them. You might have the feeling that you are being watched even though you are alone in the room.

A lot of hauntings take place in very old homes. Old homes have more history behind them than many modern homes, many times older homes have had several people die or worse in their history, this is even more true with older homes, say over a hundred years old. During the course of their history there have been most likely several people who died in them or have had traumatic things happen inside them.

Not all hauntings are the same. Most of what you have heard about haunted homes is false. There are actually two very different types of haunted homes. The first thing that you have to realize is that a home is much like a tape recorder, a home records everything that happens within its walls. Certain events that have a great deal of emotion behind them are often imprinted in their walls. Events that are very traumatic are recorded with a greater intensity than others. Many haunted homes are not really haunted; all that they have done is recorded an event. Typically haunted homes replay an event, usually the same one over and over again night after night. In these haunted homes there is no intelligence behind the actions, it's just a series of events that take place over and over.

The second kind of haunting involves conscious entities. In these types of hautings there is a spirit in the house that has made it his/her own. In many cases the last owner or someone who has previously owned the home before still thinks that they own it or simply don't know that they are dead.