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Clean and/or shining hardwood floors are a welcoming sight in any home. If you’ve wondered how to keep your floors in tip-top shape, the following tips will help you achieve your goal.
If your floors have been pre-polished/varnished, you can keep them great shape by using the manufacturer’s recommended cleaners or just plain white vinegar and hot water. Put one cup of vinegar to each gallon of hot water. Your food stains will be removed, and the vinegar will leave a fresh, clean smell.
There’s no need for fancy cleaners, really, and you definitely do not want to ever put any type of wax on them. Wax is very hard to remove, and is only recommended for older floors. You can destroy your sparkling floors if you use caustic cleaners of any type.
Older floors may be very porous, so you’ll need to use several coats of wax to make them shine. Many people are not waxing their older floors, because they know how much maintenance is needed. The problem with wax is that so many things leave scratches. Dog claws, kid’s toys, and furniture can all ruin the look you tried so hard to achieve.
If you do decide to wax your older floors, however, it would be a good idea to sand them first. Even a light sanding will remove the nicks and crannies that dirt hides in. You can buy liquid or paste wax. Use lambswool to apply the wax. It makes the job much easier. If you use the liquid, be sure there aren’t any bubbles showing and apply it sparingly. Too much and you’ll have excess wax all over the place.
Maintain old or new floors by vacuuming regularly. Using a dust mop sprayed with Endust™ is a great way to get the dust up and it won’t hurt your floors. If you have pets that have accidents, you can safely remove them with Nature’s Miracle™ pet odor/stain remover. It’s quite expensive, but it does a great job.
Well-maintained wood floors will last forever, and they’re so easy to take care of. You can use area rugs to liven them up, and by following the tips above, you’ll have floors anyone can be proud of.