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Once you have spent the time, energy and money picking out the door you want for a certain entryway to hallway, it needs to fit correctly in the frame. If the door does not work, what is the point in having one. The most difficult part of installing the door is aligning all the parts. You need to make sure all the hinges and latches are aligned themselves. Then, make sure the middle one is aligned with the strike plate. If not, your door will not work. To make sure you get it right, here is the proper way to hinge a door to its frame.
1. Attach hinges
Before you pick up any screws, you need to make sure the hinges are aligned perfectly. To do this take the measuring tape, and measure 3 equal lengths between the top and bottom of your door. When you know these exact measurements, mark them with a light pencil on the door. Then, do the same thing on the frame, using the same measurements. Now, take each hinge and screw it in to the door, then frame. Make sure they are tight against the
2. Attach latches
Once you have the hinges on, move the door in place. You might need another person's help here. One person needs to hold the door in place, while the other person slides the latches in place. The latch attaches the hinges together. If the hinges are perfectly aligned, the latch will easily slide through the holes of both hinges, holding the door to the frame.
3. Attach strike plate
The strike plate is what holds the door closed. Assuming the door knob is already installed in the door, install the strike plate directly across from the door knob. If there is not a hole already in the frame, you might have to make one. You would need a sharp utility knife or a compass saw to cut a small square hole out of the frame. This will make room for your lock. Then, all you have to do is screw the strike plate in place. Now, when you close the door, the latch should hit the plate and close the door firmly.