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There are many tools that we use on a daily basis that make our lives easier. If you only had one arm, some of the tools that we use every day, and take for granted, might become more than just a tool—they might become a lifesaver. The following article offers some ideas for inexpensive items that can assist a person that has only one arm.

Steering Aid
To make driving easier, you can visit your local auto supply store and purchase a steering knob. This knob fastens to your steering wheel with a clamp and it spins (rotates) freely. By gripping the knob you can maneuver your vehicle easier when backing out or pulling into a parking space.

Mechanics Vice Grips
This tool can be purchased at just about any retail store. It is similar to a pair of pliers, only more adjustable. It does what its name implies--vices and grips. It can easily fit around larger objects. It can clamp down on an item and hold it in place for you. It is extremely useful when fixing things around the house or working on craft projects.

4-Way Lug Wrench
A four-way lug wrench is the perfect tire-changing tool for a person with one arm. This tool allows you to use your feet for leverage while loosening or tightening the lug nuts, and eases the stress put on your back. They can be purchased at any auto supply store.

Shirt Buttoner
This item can be purchased at most drug stores or medical supply stores. It can assist a person with one arm in buttoning a shirt. It basically has an end to grip and a wire that protrudes from the other end, almost in an oval shape. Slip one end through the buttonhole, grab the button on the other side and pull it through. This item is especially helpful for that pesky top button around the neckline area.

Dvorak Keyboard
This is a special keyboard that has been designed for a person with only one arm. Whether you are right or left-handed, this keyboard is perfect for the single-handed typist. You can find information on purchasing this keyboard on the World Wide Web using the keyword “Dvorak”, or speak to a representative at your local office supply store. They can point you in the right direction as well.

Many of us do not realize how difficult it can be if you only have one arm. Hopefully the ideas in this article can help you to make your life or the life of a loved one easier.