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Garages were made to hold cars, for sure, but face it, how many of us use it for a laundry room, a workshop or an extra large closet? There is even an entire breed of model builders who start a business out of their vehicle parking, producing rare and unusual models known as garage kits.

A garage kit is a limited edition model usually cast in resin or vinyl. The name comes from the small scale of the businesses that produce these kits. Usually they are two or three man operations and as the name suggests, they are probably working out of their homes. They sculpt a model, make a mold, then make castings from the mold to sell to builders. The kits aren't as defined as an over-the-counter job but that doesn't mean they aren't detailed. Quite the contrary is true. Most garage kits are amazing in their style and likenesses. Science Fiction and horror seem to generate the most kits with subjects such as The Terminator, the vehicles of Jules Verne and entire lines of fantasy female figurines.

Garage kits are made to fill the gaps left by traditional model companies. The subject matter may be tied up in copyrights, too expensive to produce, or too limited in interest to make a profit. The limited run of a garage kit circumvents many of these problems, with an odd twist being the cost. Garage kits are expensive. They run from seventy dollars to several hundred and what you get for your money is a very raw piece of sculpture that must be carefully handled and expertly painted. Forget the fancy packaging and time-saving snap together parts, these kits aren't for the novice builder. But despite the costs and the drawbacks, garage kits have continued to thrive. They are sold by the dozens at model shows and you'll find the finished kits among the best of show at any Sci-Fi contest proving that big business isn't always better.