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If you’re having trouble with your automatic garage door opener there are many mechanical and electrical factors to take into consideration. The garage door track might not be straight, and there might be an electrical problem within the opener device itself. Here are some common problems with automatic garage door openers and how you can fix them.

• The opener doesn’t respond at all. You need to check to see if the unit is securely plugged in and make sure the power is on. The other possibilities are that you’ve overheated the motor on the system.
• The remote control on your garage doesn’t appear to be working. You likely have a dead battery in your handheld device. Replace the battery and try it again. It also could be the case that the antenna for your remote or on your garage door may not be fully exposed. You need to make sure the signal can completely get from the remote control to the garage door. But it’s also possible that your remote control is completely broken. If this is the case, you should get a new remote control.
• The door on the garage reverses when its closing and opens again. The problem is like that it has encountered some sort of obstruction. Many garage doors have automatic obstruction controls. Remove whatever might be in the way and shut the door. The other possibility is that the close limit is improperly set.
• The door won’t close. Your beam sensor might be bad or not aligned properly. Check to make sure it’s set at the proper setting. You may need to replace the beam sensor if it’s damaged or bad.
• The door won’t open. The chain or gear might be worn or damaged. Check out the chain or gear to see if it’s okay. If not, you may have to replace one or both of these. The other possibility is that the door is not engaged. You may have to pull the disengage cord to reset the door.
• The remote control won’t work unless you’re right up next to the garage door. You likely have a bad battery. Replace the battery with a new one and try again. You also may have a bad signal on your antenna. You may want to consider moving your antenna, so it’s in a better position to accept the signal at a greater distance.
• The garage door opens and closes on its own. You might have a broken remote control. Look to see if the button is stuck, if so, you’ll need to either clean the remote or get a new one. Check to see if there’s some other device that might be on the same signal as your remote. There might also be a short in a wire or you may have to replace the circuit board on your garage door opener.
• The garage door doesn’t open all the way. Check to see if there’s something blocking your garage door and keeping it from opening all the way. Also check to see if the open limit is set correctly.