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Unless you have a disposal under your sink, your drain can only handle a certain amount of debris. If the debris causes a bad seal between the sink and strainer, you could get leaks under your sink. Here is a list of steps to prevent, or stop leaking.

1. Check locknut
First check the locknut under the sink. This is what holds the assembly together. If it is loose, it could cause the sink to leak. If it is already tight, you will need to remove the assembly.
2. Remove coupling nuts
To remove the coupling nuts, take a wrench and loosen the nuts. Then slide the nuts clear of the threads and remove the tailpiece.
3. Remove locknut
To remove the locknut, put a pair of pliers in the sink strainer. This will keep the strainer from rotating when the locknut loosens. Turn the locknut counterclockwise to loosen. You should have a washer and gasket in between
the locknut and sink drain. If any of these washers or gasket are rusted or worn, replace them. If not check the strainer.
4. Replace strainer
The leak might be coming from the strainer itself. It might not be tight against your sink. To remove the strainer, life it off with a wedge or screwdriver. Make sure not to cut into your sink. Use an adhesive to seal the
gasket and strainer to the lip of the drain opening.
5. Glue gasket
You will want to do the same thing with the gasket below the sink. Glue it to the bottom of the sink. and install the washers and locknuts around it. Let both the strainer and sink dry for at least 24 hours.
If you do all this and still have leaks, call a plumber. You must have another problem.
This will keep the strainer from rotating when the locknut loosens.